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"All forms of matter are really

  light waves in motion"

            ---Albert Einstein





  Lazr Pulsr Therapy System


 This is the first technology of its kind that uniquely                       

blends precision high pulsed frequency therapy,

(LLLT) Low Level Light Therapy, homeopathy as well as several

other forms of "informational medicine" into the same easy to

use hand held unit.


Healing Light accelerates recovery of tissue damage and 

will address how the body responds to everything it comes in

contact with, everything it eats or breathes, and how the body

manages its own internal basic physiological immune and

emotional functions. 


The understood process with Lazr Pulsr,  is that pain and suffering

is not caused by a presence of disease, but rather, pain and

suffering is caused by  an absence of (one or more components of)



LLLT can restore a number of those missing components.  



How it works.... 

LLLT works by stimulating a cells innate metabolism.

The therapeutic effects results from biomodulation of  tissue.

Biomodulation is defined as changing the natural biochemical 

response of a cell or tissue within the normal range of its function.

LLLT acts as a "switch", that activates / turns on or off the cells

own metabolic processes in response to a stimulus.

Light energy or "quanta" triggers change in cellular metabolism.

Frequency and light when directed at the body, stimulates and

activates DNA sequences  in the body that may have been

interrupted or corrupted in the system. 


is not invasive, not chemical or mechanical, nor thermal in nature.

BMR is an "information delivery system" designed to clear flaws in  the "memory"

of the cells in order to improve body function.  

BMR is very specific to each patient yet it is not

based on patient symptoms or diagnosis.

BMR applies optimal human body frequencies to specific points of the body to balance, repair and

stabilize the energy body. 

BMR is designed to restore health, not chase symptoms.

The initial target is not specific symptoms, but rather focused towards  balancing the

foundational health of the body.

BMR  is designed to manage and restore corrupted

information within the body, due to genetics, injury, exposure to environmental toxins, chemicals , stress, and to deliver missing information that the body needs

to heal itself. 


The solution is always to restore balance to the

foundational components of health and then address

any remaining symptoms.

If we can recover even a small amount of the

information that has been corrupted in your

body over your entire lifetime,

the effects on your health could be profoundly


If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

Think,  in terms of energy, frequency and vibration -- Nikola Tesla

For more information about the programs and system:

Lazr Pulsr  Webpage  ( )




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