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Cosmic Wellness


  We are Spiritual beings from beyond Time and Space.  

  We have come into this Earth experience choosing to engage in

  the process of becoming a fully functional conscious Human Being,

  matter and spirit,  one body, fully human  and fully Divine.


The  original Grand Design , The Blue Print of Creation has never changed. 

but humans have altered the blueprint by choice,

and  now, by default, are "playing God".


  Humans are awakening and remembering Nature.

 we ARE coming into the sacred knowledge once again that we are co-creators,

partners in creation.        

 There is space between every beginning and every ending ...

 a stillness... a pause.. between Then and Now...

 a "flash" between There and Here.....

 a pause when the tide shifts... and the moon wanes... 

 a stillness between inhaling and exhaling... The Breath of LIfe... That Space " in between"  where all things are possible. Infinite possibility!!

The Unified Field from which we all came...  That is You!


                                                           Our Thoughts become things.....

                       Humans hold the responsibility of co-creation and manifestation....

                                                     We are the Author of our  story!

                                   We co-create our very own "Happy Ever After".


Cosmic Wardrobe...

​ Please allow me "artistic license" with metaphor to paint a picture for the sake of  understanding........The physical human body is your  "space suit"  for your Light body as you travel through "time and space",

 which is your material  Earth Walk...  You are the pilot  and you are also the "operating system".


 The "user's manual" is only available and accessible once you are inside your "suit". You cannot operate it from the outside in...


You are "Cosmic energy streaming into an "itty bitty living space..

This process is physically, and emotionally  uncomfortable for infinite Soul.

It's like trying on a new pair of tight shoes but, the shoes will stretch over

time.....and will you...


 Your "space suit"becomes your second "h-om-e" and you will get

comfortable and perhaps start to identify with the "space suit" as if...

it IS YOU.....  Re-member.... It's only a container for Soul... 

Once you learn how the "space suit" operates and where things are, and

how they work, you can start  to travel Lightly!! 


                                                  Be gentle with your self!!!  

 Eventually, You will get comfortable and you will you remember  all that

you are, you will start to remember hat you came here to do... Once we get settled, we are expected to "check in" with the "Director " of Operation Lifesaver" for guidance on our mission. 

 If you refuse to "tune-in" with the Boss,  at the appointed time.. (and that is your "free will" choice... but let me just say..) that is not in your best interest....


Situations, events and things will be messengers from Soul.   Messages will come in stages... first like a feather, then a pebble and then a brick....  Eventually, A "crisis" will be realized as a blessing...

 it is your Souls attempt at getting your focus on YOU from the inside out.  

       Let me ask you..... 

Have you ever walked into a room and asked yourself ...  "Why am I here?"   and  you can't remember what you came for????  :> Of course you have... 

Does it "feel" familiar???  It will because it is a "re-enactment" of the awakening process of our true identity... 

                                                            Everything mirrors everything else....

Your individual self is but a holographic microcosm reflection of the larger macrocosm,

which is the collective reality of who we are.... 


 In the Grand Design, of  our  life journey.... 

it is the story of all of humanity , as above so below, inside and outside,

microcosm and macrocosm, the individual and the collective...

we came here to re-member and real-ize.... and... once again,

become who we are knowing our entire ancestral story

back to the beginning .... Our story is encoded in our DNA .....

                              Star Log....... 


The "authorities" of science and medicine tell us that 90% of human DNA

is just "junk" storage, nothing important......just "holding space". 

However, quantum science says otherwise. It is my experience that the

human body is a massive data storage system, a "memory bank" that

humans have been "cut off" from through de-activation of DNA .


It has been discovered  through a variety of processes one can

"flip the switch" and re-activate the dormant DNA ,  "turning on" entire

regions of the human electrical system that was "shut down". 


This "junk" DNA   then becomes accessible "information" to the body mind as a whole.  These areas of the brain and its complementary regions are "brought back on-line" in the body, mind and Soul! 

​​The  Body Never Forgets!!!

 The body stores the cellular "memory"

just like a super computer hard drive.


  The body/mind is a resource library of all incarnations (past, present future). 

  All this "in-form-ation" ,  your personal and collective DNA is stored throughout the hard drive...

  So, one needs to actively engage in the process of "de-fragmentation" from time to time,

  which organizes and compartmentalizes information. This "pulls "like-files" together!!

  DNA is a "blueprint" of an organization of systems (within systems) and the DNA is,  metaphorically, the container, the filing "cabinet" that holds it all together.... 


The DNA is the building blocks of the "filing cabinet" and the DNA is conscious and self-correcting. 


Mind, Body and Soul. Three systems in one...  Pure conscious information stored in three locations.  


  Your DNA is your Soul Map....

It is your "Stairway to Heaven" your "Treasure Map"  to infinity and beyond!!


   Memory is required to access  and decode

the hidden knowledge of your ancestry  and Soul Journey.           


You are the mystery you are trying to solve!!!!! 


  There is a great deal of scientific data to support the profound   "goings on"  between the trillions of cells and the larger organ and systems of  your body.


  Your physical, central nervous system, and metaphysical energy system  receives the instructions from the unconscious "program" of ancestral   DNA and the current lifestyle choices you make.


  The cells and organs receive instruction from the "operating system",    which is you Space Cadet!!! 

 When incarnated into the physical body, You can also   access and journey to these other "worlds" or "dimensions"  inside and outside your body... 


  This is why we feel "deja vu" and a vibrational familiarity when we "visit" places and feel at "home" there.


  The knowledge of these "worlds" is embedded in our cells and has been   passed on to all systems. 


  The most widely--known energy system is the chakra system, which is  truly only a small part of the  teachings and wisdom of the the ancients. The complete teachings are laid out in Nature..... 

                          Nature holds the "blueprint" of Creation.... 

The lessons of Creator are found in Nature.....Earth, Air, Light and Water.....   

We are Nature... It's who we are!!!!    We are made of the same stuff!!! 

Ready......  Set...... Go!!!!! 

So.... Space Cadet.....  Remember ..... your "space suit" is unique to you.  You are the commander in chief....

Everything you need to operate in the physical world is  INSIDE your "suit"... 

You have been equipped with the best Inner Guidance System available...

you need only to activate it and trust it as to  which way to go when at the crossroads of your life.... 

Your Inner Guidance System will never fail you!!!  

You have everything you need to complete your mission!!

Have a great Life.... See you back at Base Camp and ..... we'll do it all again!!!

      With applied kenesiology you can:

  • Build a communication bridge to your Inner Guidance System.

  • Access your "Inner Healing Nature"

  • Explore the Memory Data of your  Soul Journey

  • Access your life purpose and true identity.

  • Become aware of the larger reality that inside your body is a microcosm.

  • Know that you are a co-creator!!

  • Understand that you are not in the world, the world is in you!!!

  • Make conscious change in the workings of your cells and organs.

  • Understand the patterms of your life.

  • Address the Nature of the pattern,

  • Make new life choices and anchor them vibrationally.

  • Become your best Self and live your best life!!

  • Ultimately.....  You are in charge!!! 


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