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What are Flower Essences???
Flower essences are liquid, pattern-infused solutions made from individual plant flowers,
each containing a specific electrical imprint
that responds to specific energy imbalances in humans.
And... isn't that exciting??  :> 


Flower essences respond
in a balancing, repairing, stabilizing and rebuilding manner
on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual or universal levels.
The primary purpose of flower essence therapy is to
repair, stabilize and balance the human electrical system
on all levels simultaneously.
Flower essences were used by the 16th century healer Paracleseus and more recently was rediscovered by Dr. Bach in the 1930's as he co-created the world renowned
Bach Flower Essence Remedies.
While all this is true, and sounds rather mundane...
its anything but mundane... If anything, it's magical in effect. 


For example, any e-motional imbalances will manifest on all levels of the human body,

even though the "message" may become obvious on only one level.


With essences, it is possible to address all levels, simultaneously,

physical, mental, emotional and Soul,

through the electrical system of the body.


Since childhood, I have been consciously in partnership with Nature.

I offer a range of locally wild-crafted flower essences, called Nature's Essence Vibrational Remedies for the Human Electrical System;

These essences will assist in the process  of understanding identity

            and the Journey of Soul.

Balance is Nature's Domain!!! 

"Dis-ease will never be eradicated by present materialistic methods
for the simple reason that dis-ease in its origin is not material" 
---Dr. Edward Bach

Transformational Process

There is a transformational process that occurs when flower essences are

well chosen and used with attention and consideration and

when used to encourage the development of human potential and

the overall evolution of the human soul. 

Mental, emotional or physical suffering (dis-ease) can be understood

as the "labor pains"of the soul as it struggles to give birth to

new aspects of its Higher Self.

Flower essences are a non-invasive but highly effective way to

reactivate, repair, balance and stabilize the electrical system.

True change involves conscious choice.....

The ultimate goal of the Flower Essence Transformational Process is: 

to give the soul

the roots and the wings

that it needs

to shape its highest destiny

while living in a physical body.


In partnership with NATURE,
Higher Ground Wellness Centre offers a wide range of  flower essences, including our exclusive local wild-crafted essences,  
Nature's Essence
Vibrational Remedies for the Human Electrical System.


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