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Water is Life..

​The human body is 75-85% water...


Without water, we die.

Its just that simple.


Water is involved in every system of the body and does many things...

Water hydrates and detoxifies every cell. 

Water regulates body temperature, assists in metabolism, digestion, and waste removal. 

Water has been shown to hold memory and effects the body differently based on this memory.  


Without proper hydration, the "informational delivery system" throughout the entire body is impaired.  


Without proper hydration,  the cells of the body cannot effectively communicate and the body's ability to

function, on every level (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually)  is less than optimal.... 


Science has shown chronic dehydration is a "silent" root cause of many "modern day"

system dysfunctions and "dis-eases". 

One of the best preventative and self-educational manuals about water is a book called: 

"Your Body's Many Cries For Water..." by F. Batmanghelidj, MD... 


"You are not sick... You are Thirsty!!"

However, "adequate hydration" is rarely prescribed by "modern medicine-men"as a "treatment" even though

all body systems operate on the reality that everything in the body has to "flow" to remain alive...


Every aspect of the entire body, including the cells, the tissues,the organs and organ systems

requires water for  basic electrical "communication" between the body, the mind and the Soul. 

Water is the optimal conductor of "electrical" energy flowing



Water has the ability to " hold space" and "bridge" matter together.


                                Water has unique qualities like no other element...


Water has always been known as the only element that can exist in 3  distinct forms-----

Recently,  science confirms water has a fourth distinct form----- between liquid and solid. 


1. liquid


2. solid

3. gas.

4.When frozen, water floats, it is less dense.

Ask me about :

alkaline water, microclustered water

and the health benefits of Kangen Water....


Not all water is created equal..... 


Change your water.....
Change your LIfe!!!

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