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  I am  Lori Wilkinson

   A natural  energy intuitive, clairaudient,  clairsentient, and clairvoyant.
 I hear, sense, see and feel Life vitality and energy imbalances.     
I am very pragmatic in practice
and follow "energy", naturally. 
My Guiding Force is Integrity with
 I respectfully trust the process, 
I live by feel, "my heart on my sleeve, 
and  I  fly by the seat of my pants".
 I am in constant partnership with the 
 "double-edged Sword "of Spirit,
  which I wield, with precision.
  My "toolbox" is filled with a wide                                  range of esoteric skills and modalities
  that I have learned and honed skills                              through "intense spiritual practice"                            over many and through "trials by fire".
  In simple terms, with your consent, 
  I  "tune-in" to your Soul Signature.
 Just like you would tune in to a radio                           station, or like a switchboard operator                        would  "route a call" to the correct                              location, I receive and transmit                                      information in the form of a simple                            conversation - Soul to Soul. 
  I feel privileged to be a delivery system. 
  You are the One
  YOU are waiting to hear from. 
  The calling is yours.
  So, make the call! 
  Who AM I?? You might ask..
​    Like you..
  I AM
  a Daughter
  a Woman
​​  a Mother
  a Grandmother
  a Healer
  a Wordsmith
  a Teacher
  and Story-Teller.
I follow the Natural Path of the Human Soul. 


​​  I AM all of these, 
  but none of these labels matter.
  "If you define  me as "this or that",
  you eliminate the infinite possibilities
  of what I might become!"
  We are all a work in progress
  co-creating with Nature! 
  I look forward to meeting with you
  and hearing your story !!  
  For more details of what I offer, 
  please be sure to click on the + on the page   "What I Teach and Share".  
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