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Please check out the list below of services I would be happy to share with you.  
     Conversations with Soul   
This could be arranged as a personal session or as a small group.  
     1 hour  consultation includes "conversation with Soul" / Flower Essences with follow-up.all.
          What I do....
         By permission, I intuitively attune to your Soul Song, your unique energy signature.
  To use an analogy,  I'm like a switchboard operator,  an information     delivery system..
          I "route"  information through levels of consciousness to re-establish energetic connections. 
          During our conversation, I will speak what I hear, see, and sense. 
          The details are yours,  brought to the Light for YOUR examination.  
           I intuitively use a variety of tools to assist in this revealing and transformational process. 
         I offer a wide range of Flower Essences Remedies from various parts of the world,   including  locally wild- crafted "Nature's Essence" Vibrational Remedies for the Human Electrical System".  
 Expect the unexpected!! 
 I  offer evening events and various series of workshops by invitation.
Come to the Well
Elemental Wellness Intuitive Session
 "intuitively determined" by the Presence of Individuals or a small Group  
  • Your Life is your Garden: Communicating with Nature
  •  Health and Nutritional Self-evaluation
  • Water is Life :  Acidosis and inflammation (see page)
  • Body Memory Reset with Lazr Pulsr Therapy (see page)
  • Energizing/ Ionizing/ Detoxification Foot /Hand Spa with LLLT
  • Usui Reiki 
  • Emotional Thread Release / essential oils 
  • Flower Essence Remedies and processes (Nature's Essence, Perelandra, Bach, FES) (See in "What I Teach and Share" page)
  • Kinesiology / Muscle testing / with instruction and follow-up. 
  • Aromatherapy: Medical/Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • Harmonizing Dimensions/ Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique.
  • Dowsing/ Scrying/ card reading.
  • Guided Meditation, Visualization and Inner Guidance Attunement
  • Woman-centered childbirth education / Healing Birth trauma 
  • Spiritual Midwifery and Choice Advocate Consultant
  • Revisiting  previous experiences, creating new beginnings and clear endings. 
  • Tuning in to the Heartbeat of the Planet: Theory and Practice
  • Vibrational Medicine, Drumming,  Tapping,  Toning, Himalayan Singing Bowls.
  • Solfeggio and planetary tuning forks / Attunement
  • Esoteric Etymology: "Reading Between the Lines".
  • Signs and symbols... The keys to the kingdom!!
  • Story Telling... "The Medicine of Metaphor".
  • "Come to the Well" ... Bring Your Bucket List!  
  • Letting the Chat Out of the Bag!" Confidential Sharing Circles
  • Esoteric Tree of Life Teachings and Mapping.
  • And...lots of other fun things.  :>
The Elemental Wellness series
and Presentations
can be arranged in your location. 



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