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Did you know......

Relationship and expansion....

Building relationships means making connections, and understanding...

Making connections means seeing things and yourself in a different context and recognizing that the lessons are the same...

A magic mirror of the "other side"....

Namaste... I am that you are...

Relationship is about identification and recognition of one self through other people, places and things....

Through thoughts, experiences and stories, I encourage you to search yourself and see with your "Magic Eye" the charmed life you lead... you are the leading lady or man in your adventure through Life and if you don't already know this...

It is your perception that must change to see the magic, because the magic is inherent in Life itself... .

Everything mirrors everything else... You just have to look through the veil that separates the levels of consciousness and ..... There you are.... EVERYWHERE!!

I will be blogging on many topics and many levels of consciousness regarding health and wellness of the body, mind, spirit, collective, individual cosmic bodies and realities...

A mind is like a parachute..... it functions best when open!!!

Hey.... Did you know.....

The central nervous system functions as a communication "center" relaying order, organization and life vitality to every cell, organ and system in your body, mind and soul.

Did you know that all communication in the body is electrical energy..

Everything is electrical in Nature and dehydration is the #1 cause of symptoms in health issues today.

People are "dying of thirst", however proper hydration is rarely, in fact almost never, the "first line of defense" in orthodox medicine these days to address a faulty human electrical system, in problems such as listed below... .

Dehydration causes entire systems of the body to start "shutting down" and will malfunction causing a domino effect.

Everything is connected and fundamentally complex yet simple.. a paradox we are.. .

How does dehydration manifest?? What does it look like??

Problems like unclear thinking, migraine headaches, lethargy, sleep issues, learning problems, memory issues, acidity in the body, inflammation, joint pain, organ stagnation, constipation, liver toxicity, mobility issues and heart palpitations, just to name a few things that may start happening as a "messenger" of imbalance.

Our human physical body is 75-80% water.... we must be putting at least 8-10 (8 oz) glasses of water, not including coffee, tea or soda drinks into our body just to take care of the metabolic and elimination processes...

You will see that I will be talking about water, water, water, water, water.... every time I blog something... Water.... you cannot live without it and you require it in every aspect of life.

Living Water.... Not all water is created equal either.

Ask me about water... :> ​

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