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Road Trips.... and the Drum Journey!!

So.... life is challenging and busy and full!! I have sooo much to be grateful for....

I do not sit at the computer very often so this blog has not gotten the attention that I thought I would be able to give it...

I have been busy, however.... I am doing intensive healing work myself and have the privilege of "chauffeuring" and helping my dear friend Carlos Gomes with his Drum Journey Healing Workshops which have been so much fun and full of lessons... Lots Road Trips and the Cone of Silence!!! :>

I am also involved with a group in Grand Bay sharing Elemental Wellness with them and of course, those who know me... I am writing a "book" that has been gestating for a very long time...

I have been nurturing it , loving it and giving it the attention that it needs and just when I think it's coming together and in the "finishing stage".... another "chapter" injects itself and adds more "shape" and depth to the story... It's like Alice down the rabbit hole!!! :>

Anyway.... This is my life.... and Life is a journey.... Stay at-tuned!!!! xo

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