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Elemental Wellness Series: Tuning in to the Heartbeat of the Planet

This past Friday night, I traveled to Grand Bay KBM and had the privilege of "teaching" .... a presentation in a series of Elemental Wellness that I call, ...

"Tuning in to the Heartbeat of the Planet" , This was a evening of intense spiritual practice... and full of much joy and love!! We really squeezed a lot of topics in Friday night, I will be presenting various topics as a separate interactive and more in depth discussion in the future.. There was so much to share... that I wanted to cover a few things. :>

We spent time creating sacred space and talked about the science behind it... We talked a bit about Altars and Medicine wheels and the differences between them, as well as how they complement each other.... The focus of Intent: our "Inward Attention" Definition, Direction and Purpose.. the communication and conversation required to manifest your heart's desire, and of course, Therapeutic / Ceremonial Drumming!!! The drumming was beautiful, although we did not get a lot of time to talk about the "measurable" science and benefits of each... The Truth became self evident in the rhythm!! ... :>

The teachings of Spirit, that have been so graciously given to me throughout my life, are my personal spiritual lessons and practice and ..I have been encouraged to share these insights and teachings, by my family ,friends and of course... my greatest support... Spirit, who has been nudging me hard... for a very long time... so... I surrender to the process and here I am.. :>

I do feel so blessed to have had such a fabulous group of people present Friday night!! Thank you. xo!

I'll be back next Amy, Tabatha or Kerri for more details..

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