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The Voice in the Vortex

Hi everyone..The Vortex says...

" Out the Door! Out of the Nest...

Get Out of the Forest, and stop hiding Out !

Time to Shine and share !!


Hey.. Want to "come over" to my place?? and be one of the cool girls ??? :>

I am opening "Higher Ground Well-ness Centre" up as a place to gather people together in small groups, for community-building and fun activities.

Over the years, many people have come to me for "treatments" and always express interest and support about what I am doing here... We usually have " Tea" and many visitors, become dear friends... I've been very blessed!!

So.. I'm listening.. I'm doing it??

Our "T-Time" will be intuitively led , not topic driven.

What are we going to do ???

You can look forward to lots of things... for examples...a good old fashion gab session which will lead to lots of things... too many to mention.. like.... presentations by myself and others, singing, drumming , as well as occasional crafting and most importantly, the goal of this time is together is .... community-building.

Outside of this setting, I will be offering a variety of presentations, some which I have been doing throughout the years, usually one on one, occasionally with small groups.

Which I will be starting this series the next few months.

Others will be invited to make presentations as well.


So.... You are invited to "Come to the Well" . Higher Ground Well-ness Centre..

How about coming to an "Old-Fashioned Social Tea Party???

Will you come??

Everything shared will be held in the strictest of confidence.

You can share what you want to, pour out what you need to, and fill your e-motional bucket with the healing "living water" that flows through us all..

And... just.. maybe..:> we can read T-leaves and cards and laugh a lot!! :>

Who knows where the conversation might go over a cup of Tea.. :>


"The Medicine of Story" is sharing who we are.. today.......

Hearing another person's story can change how you see and feel about your Self...

The ancient archetypes weave through all of our lives at a cellular level like a "golden thread" pulling us together as matter.. on all levels...

It is our individual story that bind us together in our Unity.. and heals our Collective Soul. Life is in the details!!!

We are the stories we tell.

This is Good Medicine for the Soul!!


So..... What is this Vortex and how can I access it ???

The Vortex is the whirlwind of creative energy.

It is Nature pulling in and drawing together all of the "elements" we are choosing to manifest, either consciously or unconsciously, individually and collectively.

The vortex is the manifestation process of transformation in action.

Transformation is an "inside job" made manifest outwardly....

Transformation is the BIG REVEAL.. the "original blueprint"

The "Kingdom within " restored for the world to see !


Exciting Isn't it??... Come to the Well... Share your story... Fill your bucket!!

Be Water, my friends....

Lori :>


Start date to be announced soon..

To be held every 2nd Wednesday evening at 6:30..

Limited seating... Private message me to reserve your seat... :>

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