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Letting the Chat Out of the Bag!!!

Wow... life has been very busy....2017 is a year of "wrapping it up!!"...

Moving forward..... Stepping into the New World we've all been waiting for!!

I have been doing so much behind the scenes, of everyday life. and not putting my focus here on this part of my community.. . :>

So much has happened over the past few years, and in particular wrapping up these past few months... I cannot begin to tell you... 2018 is going to be huge!!

I do post my thoughts and personal teachings about issues that come up on the feed on Facebook and at the time, sometimes people encourage me to share it elsewhere and sometimes, I even think... "hmm.. I should put that on my blog!" ... and then... I just don't... so I will try... yes... I will... to post something to my blog..... Letting the Chat Out of the Bag!! at least once a week.

I had previously scheduled a 2 day event at Lifestyles Fitness Hampton with Jennifer Gendron in December, I had great interest but a few suggested that February would be a better time for them, and I agreed it would be better for me as well.

So, stay tuned for the workshops to be posted for February...

"Letting the Chat out of the Bag!"


Intuitive Etymology Divination,

Reading Between the Lines!


Moving ahead, In the New Year 2018....

Starting in January...... Every 3rd Thursday of the month,

You are invited to come to:

The Well !


share ideas, offer support, socialize with friends

discuss topics or interesting events,

Authentic Community-Building with friends!!

Sharing, Laughing, Crying, Healing.

Fill your bucket!!

Higher Ground Wellness Centre, 7:00 - 9:30.

Please send me an email to reserve as there will be limited seating.


I offer speaking engagements, presentations and workshops .

It should be noted that all of my presentations although outlined and planned...

they are always Intuitive led by the hand of Spirit.


Elemental Wellness..

my signature 6 week course.

Simple Solutions in a Complex World

A profoundly personal process of Self Realization


Co-Creative Partnership with Nature.


Tuning in to the Heartbeat of the Planet

Finding your Rhythm

The Routine and Rituals of Everyday Living

Sacred Space

It hertz!! Toning and Harmonics


Flower Essence Therapy and Soul Remedies

A gentle approach to soul exploration and personal growth.

The human electrical system understood

Balancing, stabilizing and repairing the human electrical system.

Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens


Body Memory Reset ...

Lazr Pulsar Energy Medicine

Direct Communication in the "language" the body speaks

Water Light and Frequency.

De-Toxification, Re-Activation, Re-Organization, Re-Generation.


Ancient Esoteric Kabbalah

The Tree of Life.

Sefiroths of Consciousness

Sacred Geometry

The Inner Treasure Map

Ancient Technology


The Medicine of Story

The root of childhood fairytales, nursery rhymes, and bedtime stories.

Why do we tell them and what purpose do they serve?

How a story can heal your Soul.

What's Your Story??


Reading Between the Lines

Intuitive Etymology Divination

Exploring the evolution of communication and language

Signs, symbols, codes, keys and ciphers

Literary Devices

The Magic of Words

Language as Technology


Soul Readings...

This you can find out more about on the webpage description.


" Letting the Chat Out of the Bag!"

It's a lot of fun and very exciting...

This is where random topics are compiled and "randomly" picked by the participants

and intuitively addressed by Spirit.. .

Letting the Chat Out of the Bag!!


A mentorship program available in the new year for those who are interested, please contact me directly to discuss this.

This mentorship will be offered twice a year to appropriate individuals - one on one . It will include "all things" you see detailed on my webpage, and at such time, esoteric and metaphysical teachings will be introduced.

I will be making literature available for perusing.


Please share this with your friends.. Thanks.

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