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Does Time fly??

Once again..... Boy.. Does Time fly or what?? Life is busy... isn't it??

Time seems to be rushing by... but is it?? and... By the way... where does the Time go?? and what is Time??

Well, some would say that Time is a taskmaster.... Boo!! :> It seems we either have too much Time on our hands.. or not enough...

Some say that Time is a man-made idea to restrict us so we can be quantified and qualified for what we do in our life and what it is worth...

It is said that we "mark Time" when we stand still.. but, we may stop... but Time doesn't ... it marches on, with or without us....

Time and how we experience it is related to our personal state of mind... and it is locked into our own perception and belief system.. Many times people "buy-in" to a collective belief at birth about everything without question and even about what Time is and how it effects us.. It is only when we question our own perception and the meaning in our Life that it can change.

Time as we know it, can be loooooog or short.... but one thing I know for sure, is , Time and our experience of it is reflective of the experience we are having in the moment of NOW... So does it really exist, or just in our mind??

Some would say that Time is money... and so, realistically we sell our self, or at least our "Time" for money... Do you do things you don't want to do, just for the money?? How is that any different than selling your soul??

Others would say, Time is just an illusion. I say... Money is an acronym. It stands for something. To me, It means .. My Own Natural Energy Yield...

and in that definition, I know my own worth is not reduced to coins and paper. I am not for sale... my Time is mine and I choose how I SPEND it... I do things that I feel good about doing, even the mundane is a choice.. My day is spent doing things that support who I am and does not cost me Soul energy. If I am doing what I love, its not work... its Life.

So, technically... I am Money.. and I am Time.. and so are you.. We are Time - Space containers... We are the bankers of our energy!!!

Humans are fragments of the One Soul that we are all pieces of. We are each having a unique physical experience in a material world exploring the senses of a physical life and trying to balance the contrast of choosing "this or that" as if it is separate from us... We choose and then we live our choices.

Anyway... I'm here to tell you, I have spent this spring and summer diligently working in partnership with Nature on a very special project that has been culminating over the past 7 years. Yes.. 7 years... why so long you ask??

In order for me to be ready to take on this privileged project, I had to be willingly take on the deepest darkest issues of humanity and go through the trials, and personal struggle and healing process to bring Light to it all.

I was asked by Nature to champion my own human Soul and come back to where I started... H-OM-E and share all that I have learned with the people. Well, I am back in my life, with the understanding that not only am I worthy.... I am a Teacher of the Nature of Nature.

When I came back to my "everyday" life, I was ready to carry the responsibility of assisting Nature in bringing these fine-tuned energetic pattern remedies to the people... Nature is the Healer.. and I am a messenger... . and so the medicine is called...

Nature's Essence

Vibrational Remedies for the Human Electrical System.

I am so very excited to share these with you and tell you that these essences are only now available because of the huge energy shifting that we are all experiencing.

This range of essences complements of Nature is to support Soul growth and address dis-ease in the human body at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I have been given definitions, patterns of imbalances that would benefit from these essences, affirmations, and food for thought by Nature for this " Window of "Time" and I will make it all available in the next few weeks.

I have already made plans to do some presentations locally and in the Saint John area as well. If you would like to have me come and make a presentation, It would be a pleasure. Please contact me privately.

Contact me for a one on one appointment at Higher Ground Wellness Centre...

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